Thursday, June 17, 2010

The PR Learning Curve

I had a cool assignment earlier this week, and now have questions for you. You see, I just got a crash course in the literary public relations world. My publisher has hired a big-gun PR firm (in NYC, thank you very much) to promote the Good Things to Know series, and I was asked to complete a comprehensive "author questionnaire". I turned it in already, but can't stop thinking about potential media opportunities for the book.

My question to you would be this- where do you see 20 Things to Know When Someone is Grieving being promoted? Is there a TV talk show, talk radio host, newspaper column, blog, website, etc., that comes to mind? I want to hear about it. Where do you find new books? Is there a specific magazine you think would be a good fit for a grief-related piece?

Don't be shy. I know you have ideas. What do you think?


  1. TYRA! Okay, maybe not. I am not a big talk-show listener or watcher, but I always love to hear Oprah and Terry Gross. Your book is probably not appropriate for Terry, but I would say the ultimate goal should be Oprah!

  2. Love Terry Gross. Love NPR!

    As for Oprah, I didn't list her for two reasons. One, I was afraid it would come across as obnoxiously ambitious. Two, I read she wouldn't be booking any more authors before ending her run.

    Might have been a mistake to leave her off, but there you go.

    Tyra. Oh, Niki........:)

  3. QVC. Also Soldier of Fortune magazine. No need to thank me.


  4. Seriously, though - Reader's Digest?

  5. I agree! Reader's Digest always has lists, especially on their website. They cover grief, too.

  6. I know for certain that the organization, The Compassionate Friends, would greatly benefit by offering your book in our library. As you know, we are an organization for parents whose children have died. Often when a member finds a book particularly helpful, purchase it for themselves and others who might be in need of 20 Things to Know When Someone is Grieving. I simply can't wait to get ahold of this book!!

  7. Thanks, Lynn. That's the ultimate goal here- to reach the people who can benefit from what we've learned, (and save them from a few mistakes, too!).

    Also, the final title is Sorry For Your Loss: What People Who Are Grieving Wish You Knew.


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