Friday, December 10, 2010

Multi-Author Holiday Event, (with fun promo)

Get thyself to Spring Hill tomorrow. 2:00. Books-A-Million is hosting a book signing party for not one, not four, but SIX authors! That's right.

Alicia King, Sorry for Your Loss: What People Who Are Grieving Wish You Knew
Myra McLarey, Road to Eden’s Ridge
Whitney Ferre, 33 Things To Know About Raising Creative Kids
Tisha Morris, 27 Things to Feng Shui Your Home
Ashley Crownover, Wealtheow: Her Telling of Beowulf, and
Mary Hance (Ms. Cheap), 99 Things to Save Money in Your Household Budget

Grab a delicious coffee at their cafe, Joe Muggs. Break out your Christmas list and get a book personalized for every person you love. Then pick one out for yourself:)

Here's the fun part- Ms. Cheap listed the event on her blog. I made Ms. Cheap!! YES!

See you there!

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