Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Shout Outs

This is going to be a great big thank you post. To many people, for many reasons. I've only done four book signings for HEALING, and already, there are so many people I want to recognize. Because of their help, this book is getting out there. Most of them have suffered a loss and understand what it means to grieve. Whatever their reasons for helping, I want to thank them here for their contributions. I appreciate you all!

Turner Publishing
Thank you for believing in my project and giving HEALING a chance.

I want to thank everyone at Turner, including Caroline Garner, Lauren Kerensky, Frankie Danly, and, of course, Todd Bottorff who have done so much to support HEALING. I'm thankful for all your hard work!

Caris Healthcare
I wanted to partner with hospice at every event, so I called Alyson Cutshall of Caris Healthcare. She went above and beyond to help me reach patients, caregivers, and the communities I visited. Because of her efforts, I was able to meet some remarkable hospice workers. I loved getting to talk with them about the families they served (no names!) and the services they provide. They answered questions at every event, and even signed up a few volunteers!

Here I am with the Caris reps at the Knoxville signing at Barnes and Noble-

Craig Colagrossi and Michael Cox make amazing wine. Period. The fact they sent wine for HEALING's Franklin signing only made me love it more! It was an incredibly generous gift, and everyone raved about their L'inizio. Pictured are Landmark Booksellers owners, Joel and Carol Tomlin, myself, and Craig and Beth Colagrossi.

If you're reading this, then I want to thank you. When I started this book, I knew the odds of getting published were dismal. I was told new writers have a better chance of getting struck by lightning than getting a book deal. I was also told that no one wanted to read about death and grief. Thankfully, I'm too stubborn to listen to reason:) The truth is that those who have dealt with a personal loss or the grief of others DO want to read about it. You sat for interviews, you read the blog, the tweets, the facebook conversations, and you commented often! You bought the books and emailed me about your own pain. You shared your stories with me and with each other, and I thank all of you for your bravery, honesty, and vulnerability.

You honored the memories of those who died, and in turn, maybe healed a little yourself.

Thank you.


  1. And thank you for writing such a difficult book that will be such a valuable resource for years to come! You are one in a million!

  2. I meant that the book must have been difficult and gut-wrenching to write, not that the book was difficult!!

  3. Thanks, Niki. For the comment, AND the clarification:)


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