Monday, February 15, 2010

Tell Me Why (please)

I met with Mr. T today. We talked in depth about the book. He then had me meet with their marketing director. One of the questions they asked was why would people want to buy this book? Will death sell?

Naturally, I think it's fascinating to hear how others have coped. I'm curious about their experience. What went right and what went wrong. How they said goodbye and how they pay tribute. How the well-intended went wrong. I eat this up.

How about you? Would you buy this book? If so, why?


  1. I WILL buy it. Especially bc you have the whole humor thing in there. Sometimes with death and grieving it's hard to know what the right thing to do is -- we sooooooo need your help to figure this out.

  2. Speaking as a 20-year hospice veteran (volunteer, Board, educator), I know many people involved in hospice, especially new to the program, would definitely be interested. It could also be the perfect gift for someone recently bereaved, when we know we don't know what to say... but we want to uplift and encourage through the experience of others. And let's face it, once we have had a personal loss, the topic of death and grief is no longer off limits to most of the population. It can become the focus of interest like anything else.

  3. Jan, I could kiss you. Thank you so much. That's how I see it too. It means a lot coming from someone with your experience.

    For most of us, this is when we want most to say/do the perfect thing, but have no idea what that might be. Hopefully, sharing our experiences with each other will give us the options we need.

  4. From a friend who doesn't enjoy blogspot's "fun" comment process-

    I KNOW from experience that people will want to read this book. So many people facing so many types of grief--deaths, financial ruin, health problems, divorce, etc. We need to know that we're not alone in these times." -John Foster

    Thanks, John!

  5. You better believe I will. Waiting until it is published is going to be tough!


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