Monday, January 31, 2011

Thoughts on Hope

From Donna Marie Thompson, the host of Blog Talk Radio-

Hope is a Renewable Resource

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.” Albert Einstein

Where does hope come from? And where can I get more of it – you might ask. Hope comes from your desire to seek a better future. It can come from the realization and acceptance that you cannot do it alone combined with the courage to reach out. Hope can come from reaching out to God to help guide you on your path – from out of the darkness and into the light. Hope can lift you out of sadness and help you focus on a new beginning. Or a renewal.

Hope can instill a renewed enthusiasm that there is indeed something more and better to come. Yes, you are a major player in making your new future happen. Yes, you can marshal your resources toward an important goal. Hope opens possibilities but you must be open to them and willing to let go of the past that is holding you back. You need to make room for hope in your life.

Three- Step Call to Action

  1. Decide to seek a better future and define what that entails.
  2. Commit to replacing negative thoughts with hope.
  3. Take action toward your goal.

Just Say No to the Status QuoTM

  • About the Author

  • Hello, I'm Donna Marie Thompson, PhD, co-author of Bouncing Back:Thriving in Changing Times with Brian Tracy, David Riklan, Wayne Dyer, and John Assaraf. The 5 E's To Recovery Program provides a structured, supportive, and positive environment for you to find your joy and happiness - to heal and move on. To cope and conquer. To overcome.

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