Thursday, December 15, 2011

SO Excited About This!

Have you had someone close to you die? Were you responsible for handling "the arrangements"? If so, you have my sympathies, truly. It can be a confusing, complicated, exhausting and emotionally torturous process. There are so many different aspects to be addressed, most of which are time-sensitive. You're suddenly charged with dealing with unfamiliar territory- funeral details, obituary, etc., all while grieving.

It's HARD.

Karen Zinn watched as friends went through this, and wondered why there wasn't one website that helped families navigate the after-death ordeal. That's when she began to build what I feel is the best single site to help anyone survive a death. Heart2Soul.

When she asked me to be their grief support expert, I immediately accepted. Other contributors include Letitia Baldridge and Peggy Post!

I think you'll find a wealth of information and support at Heart2Soul, as well as a place to create an online memorial.

Do you love it? Are we missing something? Did you already know about it? Let me know what you think.


  1. I don't know why this just appeared in my feed now but . . . THIS IS AWESOME! Yay you! xoxo

  2. Thanks! It's such a great idea, and I love being a part of anything that can help someone after a death. The founder is awesome, and she's building it carefully. Yay, 2012!!


When someone dies, (other than attending the service), I do this for the family-