Sunday, January 31, 2010

So.......this is a rejection?

Just heard back from a major publisher. I have submitted mostly to agents, but this publisher was open to queries from new authors, so I pulled the trigger, so to speak. Here's the start of her reply, "Clearly, this will be a very moving and helpful book. Readers will find something useful, comforting and profound for their own dealings with grief."

Then it closed with, "No thanks, not for us." Makes perfect sense.

The quest continues.

On a more positive note, another publisher, (who will now be known as Mr. T), called last week. We will teleconference (yes, it's a verb!), a week from Tuesday. I expected to be hearing more from agents, but the more I learn about this business, the less I understand. I'll just keep collecting quotes, watching them develop into sturdy story-piles. Memories on top of memories, just waiting to be.....accepted.


  1. um . . . you got a PERSONAL note back from a publisher?!?!?!?! That is AWESOME. Keep it. Frame it. We can have a rejection party and you will have THE BEST rejection. And, uh, your teleconfrencing? Wow -- you *are* busy and important.

  2. A Rejection Party. Great idea! We'll drink oxymoronic drinks (dry martini, anyone?), and use phrases like, "Holy hell", and my favorite, "Good grief!".

    Thanks, Joslyne. May I use an emoticon here? Just feels necessary.



  3. I like the phrase "sturdy story piles". It's very brick-and-mortar in the age of virtual everything else.

    And that IS pretty cool to get a personally-written rejection letter. How many people can say they got one of those?!?!?

  4. Thank you, Niki. I got a form e-mail rejection yesterday and let me tell you, it wasn't nearly as satisfying. It wasn't even from the agent herself. It was from her assistant, Tara. Tara offered me her best wishes for finding the perfect home for my work. Much like a puppy, I suppose.

  5. All the great writers suffer piles of rejection slips. Some with angst and some with humor... either way, the book will be published by the right publisher at the right time... proceed with endless abandon.. passion... zeal... and belief in the outcome of your desire!

  6. Thank you, Jan. I fully expect rejections. Just figured I'd have some fun with it along the way. Several have been really helpful. My work as a songwriter has been the perfect preparation for these, actually. We joke that we're rejected for a living.


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