Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Okay, So That's One.

The fine folks at Landmark Booksellers agreed to host a book signing!! I will share the details once I know when the book will be released.

Thanks to my favorite bookstore. They share my fascination for all things Fitzgerald, Hemingway and London. They even have a special section for them, which they politely share with Twain.

They feature signed copies of the beautiful coffee table book, Historic Franklin, with photos by Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Robin Hood. Stop in and get one.


  1. Doooooode!!!!!! That is AWESOME! Save me a front row seat!

  2. Please be sure your press agent (you) schedules a few of these on the west coast! Any release date yet?

  3. I would love to, Michelle! Due to the cost involved, I hear more authors are doing skype appearances. I don't know about you, but I think that blows. I want to shake a writer's hand, tell them I loved the part about _______, and get my book signed! Book Club visits, okay, but a book signing should involve, oh I don't know, BOOK SIGNINGS! Haha!

    What do you know about this?


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